Slide Rules soon to be offered at Crate's Quality Used Slide Rules

These rules should be arriving at Crate's in the new week or so...

If you have an interest in one, let me know. I don't price rules until I have them in hand and can inspect them properly, but I can give you an estimated price and first right of refusal when it becomes available.

Feb 17th:

  • More MIB Picketts: 110-ES (circular), N4P-ES, N3P-ES, N3P-T (one of each; will be available last week of Feb.)

    Feb 15th:

  • Pickett N600-ES Five-inch log-log, 19 scales.

    Feb 12th:

    K+E 68 1100 Deci-Lon Used but in good shape, with case and manual.

    Feb 4th:

  • K+E 68-1220. Still sealed in factory plastic!

  • K+E 68-1100 Deci-Lon. Complete set, in box.

  • More MIB Picketts: Circulars, N4P's, etc. Great stuff.

    Feb 2nd:

  • K+E 4181-1C, 5-inch Ivorite Log-log slide rule set. These are HARD TO FIND.

    JAN 19TH:

  • K+E Pocket Ruler. With green leather case.

  • Dieztgen 1734 Set. Very complete.
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