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Dave Crate's Quality Used Slide Rules

(Feb. 19th, 1998: this page is being added to more-or-less daily, right now)

Potential buyers are invited to contact me by email at ""

List of Rules for Sale:
Prices are subject to change. Please do not ask for yesterday's price today.
Post Versalog 1461, Mint-in-box

Bigger Picture of 1461

Above, we have a mint incarnation of a Post Versalog Slide Rule. This is the half-size version of the venerable Post 1460 Versalog, the favorite rule of many engineers, scientists and professionals (at least until hand-held calculator made them obsolete). The designation for this 5" Versalog is 1461. It has the same scale arrangement as the 10" 1460, with about half the resolution. It fits a lot better in one's pocket, though!