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Post 1460 Versalog

Not pictured, we have the Post Versalog 1460. This slide rule classic is constructed of bamboo with an engraved celluloid lamination. It has 23 scales, including 8 log-log scales. It comes with a handsome burgundy leather case and hardbound manual: Versalog Slide Rule Instructions". The scales: (obverse) LL0, LL/0, K, DF, CF, CIF, CI, C, D, R1, R2, L (reverse) LL/1, LL/2, LL/3, T T, Sec T ST, Cos S, C, D, LL3, LL2, LL1

Post Versalog 1461, Mint-in-box

Above, we have a mint incarnation of a Post Versalog Slide Rule. This is the half-size version of the venerable Post 1460 Versalog, the favorite rule of many engineers, scientists and professionals (at least until hand-held calculator made them obsolete). The designation for this 5" Versalog is 1461. It has the same scale arrangement as the 10" 1460, with about half the resolution. It fits a lot better in one's pocket, though!

Pickett N3-T

Above, we have the mighty Pickett N3. One of Pickett's large-format aluminum slide rules, this version features a total of 32 scales: Front(LL0+,LL0-,LL1+,LL1-,DF,CF,CIF,Ln,L,CI,C,D,LL2+,LL2-,LL3+,LL3-) Back(Sqrt1,Sqrt2,K,A,B,ST,S,T1,T2,CI,C,D,DI,cube rt1,cube rt2,cube rt3).

The N3-T was one of Pickett's last slide rule models and incorporated virtually every function and feature that was developed during the Pickett / Pickett-Eckel "dynasty". With 32 scales, including 80 inches of log-log scale, 20 inches square root scale, 30 inches of cube root scales, this rule was designed to provide optimal accuracy and ease-of-use. The wide format provides an ample optical space for working with multiple or chain calculations with minimal confusion or strain.

The extra-wide slide of this particular specimen rule has an extremely smooth action. The rule is in excellent condition, virtually unused, without perceptible scratches, dents, or dirt. The case is burgundy leather with a plastic liner and loop on the back for belt clip (not included) The case is in very good condition with no signs of wear of abuse, only very slight use. No names or other deliberately-made marks on rule or case. Comes with the Pickett standard-issue "How To Use Log-Log Slide Rules" by Hartung, soft cover manual complete with the also-standard crease down the middle (from being packed in the box, folded around the rule).

A superb specimen of a remarkable slide rule.

Pickett N803-ES Dual-base, Synchro-scale Slide Rule

Pickett's 10" model # 803-ES Log Log slide rule is unused in excellent condition still in its original plastic wrap and complete with black leather case, instruction book and original box. The front side scales are: LLO+ LLO- LL1+ LL1- DF / CF CIF L CI C / D LL2+ LL2- LL3+ LL3- and the back side scales are: SqRT K A / B S ST T CI C / D DI DFm.

K+E 68 1100 Deci-Lon

10" rule, case, manual in excellent condition. The pinnacle of market-leader K+E's slide rule legacy, the Deci-lon was designed to present the various scales in an optimally accesible format - the log-log sclaes (what K+E dubbed the "lon" scales, as in "ln", since the log-log scales are the natural logs of the base-10 logarithmic C scales.) are arranged with the positive exponential scales on the obverse, in black, and the negatives on the reverse, in red.

K+E 68 1282, Mint-in-Box

Keuffel & Esser 68 1282 slide rule is new-in-box and gorgeous. This little rule has 21 scales and full deci-trig and log-log capability. Comes with beautiful, hunter-green leather case, complete with pocket clip. Original box shows a little wear but is very much intact. Also included is original instruction manual and a booklet outlining care. This set has remarkable status as a collectible.

Dietzgen 1733 Polymath

10" rule and case in good condition.

Dietzgen 1776 Redi-rule

5" rule, case, manual in very good condition. comes with original box. A nice little set.

SIC 4500 Junior Multiphase, Mint-in-Box
(This photo is of an identical rule from which I have removed the plastic.)

4" bamboo and plastic laminate rule is still sealed in factory plastic. Complete with original box, instruction booklet and leather case with pocket clip.

Pickett N800-T

Above, we have the Pickett N800-T. One of Pickett's later models, the N800 rule has full trigonometric and log-log computing capability provided by twenty-two color-coded scales. Pickett's "Synchro-scale" format facilitates the correlation of reciprocal log-log scales. This particular rule is still intact as a mint set, with box, plastic-wrapped rule, instruction book and leather sheath.

  • (What's this doing here?) Hewlett-Packard Model 21 Calculator. Fully functional, red LED diplay, runs on two AA cells (included), no case or manual (but pretty easy to figure out!), will do if you can't find a slide rule. Well, I broke it so the price is reduced to $62.50. The decimal points are messed up - they all are constantly on. Actually, it a little like using a slide rule now: you have to keep track of the decimal point yourself!

  • Dietzgen N1725 Vector Type Log Log Microglide- This is almost identical the the 1734 above, but with three more scales, for hyperbolics. It also has the teflon runners, the inlaid indicator bars and wonderful mahogany construction. The rule has the following scales: front - LL01, LL02, LL03, DF, CF, CIF, L, CI, C, D, LL3, LL2, LL1 back - Th, Sh2, Sh1, A, B, T<45, T>45, ST, S, D, DI, K. Leather case with "spring button" closure. Includes Dietzgen Slide Rule Conversion Tables insert. A rule that is both beautiful and powerful. Item #5, (Sold).

  • Dietzgen 1773 5" Log-log Dietzgen 1773 5" Log-log. Rule has three (positive exponent) log-log scales on reverse. Also features the unusual Pythagorean scale for calculating real and imaginary components of vectors and other complex quantities. A pocket powerhouse. Complete set with instructions, brown leather slipcase, trademark Dietzgen orange, two-piece box. Made in Germany. Item #8, (Sold).

  • Post 1460 Versalog, beautiful piece of bamboo and celluloid , very litle evidence of use - with excellent burgundy Post Versalog case and hardbound manual, Versalog Slide Rule Instructions. Item #11, $200 (Sold).

  • Post 1461 "Baby" Versalog II, 5" version of the Post Versalog II. A rare and much sought-after slide rule. This one is the 24-scale version modeled after Versalog II (around the time of Vatican 2, I think, but I'm sure it's just a coinicidence). It has the addition of the much-missed A scale and a couple of other things that I would put in if I had it here but it's at home ("you mean you're doing this at work?") So email me and I'll tell you the rest. Tan leather slipcase with pocket clip. The case is pretty worn. The rule is, sadly, stained a rather deep gold, or, to be less romantic but more accurate, brownish. I thought at first it was from being in the case, but the middle of the rule is somewhat lighter in color, as if the cursor has been there for some time presumable during the imparting of the sienna hue, which isn't possible when the rule iis encased. I tried a drop of water on one little spot and my opinion is that it probably won't all come off. Quite useable, just sort of ugly. Couldn't have happened to a nicer rule. (No longer available).

  • Pickett N3-T, remarkable, 32-scale calculating behemoth. The Bismark of the Pickett fleet. This rule is in excellent cond., with burgundy leather case and manual, (Sold).
  • Post 1447. 9" Bamboo Rule. Complete set with 163-page "programmed instruction manual", plastic capsule-type case and original packaging, still shrink-wrapped! - (Sold).

  • Teledyne Post 44DA-410 Bamboo Rule. 4" bamboo rule with magnifying cursor. Includes box, instruction booklet and leather case with pocket clip and snap closure. Rule is sealed in factory plastic bag, $120.

  • Teledyne Post 44DA-440 Bamboo Rule. 5" bamboo rule. Includes box, instruction booklet and leather case with pocket clip. Rule is sealed in factory plastic bag, (Sold).

  • Dietzgen 1778 7" long, (5" scales) white plastic, duplex slide rule is in prime condition, with leather case, instruction manual and original box. (Actually, the box is only in fair - poor condition with one end broken out and writing on the bottom.) Original case has the model number printed on it as well. Scales: (front) T1, T2, A, B, B1, C1, C, D, P, S, (rear) LL sub 03, LL sub 02, LL sub 01, K, K prime, L, ST, CF, DF, LL sub 1, LL sub 2, LL sub 3. A real pocket rocket, this rule has several unusual but useful features. One is extension of the high-order log-log scale to 60,000 (instead of the usual 22,000). For multiplying large numbers where keeping track of decimal points is more of a concern that accuracy, the K' scale serves as a foil to the K scale at the stator slide interface. There is the unusual BI scale and then there's the "Pythagorean" scale for working with right triangles, complex numbers and vectors in general. This is one of my very favorite rules. Made in Germany. (Sold).

    I may have more rules that I haven't gotten around to listing. Feel free to make an inquiry! Please email any inquiries (puppy@amug.org); I love to discuss slide rules!

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