New Additions to Slide Rules offered at Crate's Quality Used Slide Rules

Please note that older postings on this page are not necessarily up-to-date; some of the "new" rules listed under older dates may have been since sold or otherwise changed status. Please see the main page for the status of less recent acquisitions. - Dave

March 22nd:

  • K+E Cooke Radio Slide Rule.

    March 20th:

  • Sun Hemmi #257L Chemistry Slide Rule.

  • NEW ITEM! Sun Hemmi #266 Electronics Slide Rule.

  • NEW ITEM! Sun Hemmi #269 Civil Engineering Slide Rule.

    March 14th:
    K+E 68-1201 Mint set.

    March 4th: Just in: mint-in-box, high-end Picketts! (now taking orders)

  • Pickett N3p-T. Five-inch version of the mighty N3-T! Mint set.

  • Pickett N4-ES. 34-scales of computing capability. Mint set.

  • Pickett 110-ES. Awesome high-end Pickett circular. Mint set.

    Feb 20:

  • K+E 68-1100 Deci-Lon Slide Rule with case.

    Feb 19:

  • Pickett N600-ES Five-inch log-log, 22-scale pocket rocket.

    Feb 9:

  • K+E 68 1100 Deci-Lon This just in today: K+E Deci-Lon complete set in the box.

  • K+E 68-1220 Mint Set. This is really a 4081-3 (that's how the rule is marked). But the box reads "68-1220, OLD 41981-3", so it dates from their time of transition to the new numbering system (early 60's). The rule is still sealed in factory plastic; it has never been used. With classic K+E green, faux-leather case.

    Feb 4:

  • K&E Jet-log Duplex Decitrig Slide Rule, No. 68-1251. Guaranteed to deeply please the serious slide rule collector.

    Jan 24:

  • K+E 4088-5S Polyphase Duplex 20-inch Slide Ruler. Brown leather, chamois-lined case.

  • K+E 4097-C "Ever There" 5-inch slide rule.

  • Frederick Post 1461 Versalog. Complete Set.

  • Pickett Douglas Skyrule.

  • Acumath 500. Complete, mint set.

  • Acumath 900. Complete, mint set.

    Jan 18:

  • Concise Type-E Weights and Measures, Conversion Tables and Circular Slide Rule. Five-scale circular with slide out panel containing a wealth of useful conversion tables and data. Rule is mint with plastic wrapper intact. Complete with black vinyl slipacse.

  • Concise Chemical Tables and Circular Slide Rule. Eight scale circular with Periodic table on back. Slide out panel contains a wealth of useful constants and data. Rule has mild warpage but works fine. Complete with vinyl slipacse and instruction booklet. Jan 12:

  • Dietzgen 1734-G Microglide Decimal Trig-type Log Log. Heavy plastic version of the 1734. Made in Germany with teutonic fanaticism. Has neat little rubber feet at both ends and on both sides to facilitate desk-top use. COndition is generally excellent modlo some small scratches on the rule. Polycarbonate cursor is perfect. Comes with leather sheath and instruction manual.

    Jan 11:

  • Keuffel & Esser 4083-3 Vector Log-log Decitrig. Complete set, mostly excellent.

  • K+E 68 1100 Deci-Lon Yes, this is a complete set! You don't see this everyday. Should be here soon; make your Christmas reservation.

  • Pickett and Eckel Model 4. An early magnesium version of the popular N4 rule. Beautiful condition.

    Dec. 27th:

  • Pickett No. 101C Circular Slide Rule Set. 4.25" aluminum circular has trig and log-log scales. Eye-saver yellow, with original box, instruction booklet and circular, black leather case.

    Dec. 8:

  • Dietzgen 1734. Complete mint set!

    November 13th

  • Acumath 1311 Log-log Magnesium 10" slide rule set. This rare slide rule design features an engraved, vinyl-covered magnesium composition. The rules looks absolutely brand-new, an incredible find! Complete, mint set includes leather case, instructions and box.

    November 11th:

  • New! K+E 4181-1, 5-inch Ivorite Log-log slide rule set. A complete set including case, manual and box.

    November 6th:

  • Pickett Christmas Bargain Bundles! Christmas Bundles (for that very special nerd on your Christmas shopping list!) Restructured pricing (lowered price of smaller sets), added links to images of rules.

    November 2nd:

  • Pickett Christmas Bargain Bundles! (for that very special nerd on your Christmas shopping list!) Initiation of Holiday Season Pickett Slide Rule promotion.
  • Pickett N4-ES PowerLog Vector Slide Rule. The Legend. 34 scales. Trig., Log-log, hyperbolics, dual-base, you name it.
  • Pickett N515-T Electronics Slide Rule Leather case is embossed "Cleveland Institute of Electronics". With special scales for calculating impedance, frequency, etc.

    October 28th: I've been out-of-town and generally out-of-pocket this month. But I have some new K+E stuff. I was hoping to have a K+E Month in November but I haven't had time to gather and put together the materials. Maybe in December. I especially need graphics (in case anyone would like to donate some electronic images or knows where some might be found).

  • K+E 89 1102 Hand-held Tally Register, It's not slide rule but anyone who like slide rules will probably have a soft spot in their heart for this neat little gadget. Counts up to 9,999. Re-settable. Comes with original box.
  • K+E 4181-1, 5-inch "Ivorite" Log Log Duplex Decitrig slide rule. Black and red scales. Excellent condition. With case and manual.
  • K+E Doric 10" "Ivorite" Log-Log slide rule. (The missing screw on the cursor frame has been replaced by Moi.) Comes with leather case.

    September 26th:

  • Arrived today: K&E Log/Log Duplex Decitrig Slide Rule, No. 68-1210. This is a 4081-3 under the numbering scheme that K+E adopted in the sixties. This is a boxed, mint set: the rule is still in the sealed plastic wrapper. Set includes tan leather, chamois-lined case, instruction manual, care booklet and original box and packaging. Absolutely as-new condition - you'll hardly believe it. Very rare. For the serious collector.

    September 25th:

  • Dietzgen 1734 Decimal Trig Type Log Log Microglide - this is a beautiful slide rule! Condition is NEW, there is NO wear on this rule. (Photo is of this model but the rule for sale looks BETTER than the one in the picture!) Mahogany is a deep coffee brown, slide guides are lined with grey Teflon for the smoothest action I've ever felt. Indicator holder edges are black plastic with "Dietzgen" inlaid in white. The rule has the following scales: front - LL02, LL03, DF, CF, CIF, L, CI, C, D, LL3, LL2 back - LL01, K, A, B, T<45, T>45, ST, S, D, DI, LL1. Black leather case with "spring button" closure. Comes with original manual.
  • Pickett & Eckel Model 3 Magnesium Slide Rule - the precursor to the N3. A fascinating chapter in the slide rule saga (to some of us). This is one of the very old Picketts. It is magnesium metal with off-white paint. It has the following Scales: Front - 1/N1, 1/N2, 1/N3, 1/N4, DF/M, CF/M, CI, C, D, N1, N2, N3, /N4 Back - Cube Root (1,4,7, etc.), Cube Root (2,5,8, etc.), Cube Root (3,6,9, etc.), DF, CF, T, ST, S, CI, C, D, DI, Sq Root, Sq Root. The rule has various instructions on the back of the slide itself for using certain scales. It comes with a brown leather case with "Picket" embossed (case has some staining).
  • New! Pickett N200-ES, 5" yellow aluminum trig rule (below), 12 scales, complete set including case, manual and box, very lightly used.

    Pickett N200-ES

    September 18th:

  • Post 1461 "Baby" Versalog 5" version of the Post Versalog. Made of bamboo and engine-divided celluloid, with the identical scale arrangement of big brother. With mint case (with pocket clip, embossed "POST" in an oval) and hardbound Versalog Slide Rule Instructions (in the original flypaper!). A lot of computing power in a portable format.
  • Dietzgen 1778 7" long, (5" scales) white plastic, duplex slide rule is in prime condition, with leather case, instruction manual and original box. (Actually, the box is only in fair - poor condition with one end broken out and writing on the bottom.) Original case has the model number printed on it as well. Scales: (front) T1, T2, A, B, B1, C1, C, D, P, S, (rear) LL sub 03, LL sub 02, LL sub 01, K, K prime, L, ST, CF, DF, LL sub 1, LL sub 2, LL sub 3. A real pocket rocket, this rule has several unusual but useful features. One is extension of the high-order log-log scale to 60,000 (instead of the usual 22,000). For multiplying large numbers where keeping track of decimal points is more of a concern that accuracy, the K' scale serves as a foil to the K scale at the stator slide interface. There is the unusual BI scale and then there's the "Pythagorean" scale for working with right triangles, complex numbers and vectors in general. This is one of my very favorite rules. Made in Germany.
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